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samedi 18 janvier 2020

EU-Vietnam trade deal puts spotlight on workers' rights

The EU has said the trade agreement would be the most ambitious the bloc has ever negotiated with a developing country. However, authoritarian Vietnam will still have to improve its labor and social standards.

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lundi 16 décembre 2019

Vietnam’s workers finally lose their chains

New FTAs force ruling Communist Party to allow independent unions that could deter not promote new foreign investment

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lundi 2 décembre 2019

Workers of Vietnam, Unite ?

A revised labor code could have important implications for how trade unions operate in the country.

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dimanche 3 novembre 2019

Far from Vietnam's boomtowns, a rural region looks to distant shores

For decades, since the height of the Cold War, young adults have left this rural region in droves - not for Vietnam's booming cities but for more distant shores.

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vendredi 11 octobre 2019

Choke point : Vietnam skilled labor squeezed by Sino-U.S. trade war

A new front has opened in the U.S.-China trade war as companies shifting manufacturing to Vietnam engage in a fierce battle for skilled labor, aggravating an existing shortage and prompting calls for education reforms to address the problem.

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dimanche 1 juillet 2018

Jobless at 30: Welfare crisis looms in Vietnam

Young employees in Vietnam are seeking "retirement" benefits after being laid off by firms looking to save wages and social insurance costs.

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mardi 12 décembre 2017

Vietnam to raise minimum salary next year

Vietnam's regional minimum salary will be raised by 6.5 percent in 2018, or each employee will receive additional 180,000-230,000 Vietnamese dong (8-10.1 U.S. dollars) a month, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs said on Tuesday.

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lundi 27 novembre 2017

Ministry inspects Samsung Vietnam over worker mistreatment

The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs have announced the result of the investigation at Samsung Vietnam that was accused of mistreating workers by Sweden's International POPs Elimination Network.

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dimanche 24 septembre 2017

Hong Kong ‘close to lifting visa ban’ on domestic workers from Vietnam, top envoy says

Consul general believes restriction could be lifted in a few months to a year

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vendredi 7 avril 2017

Free labour movement might hurt many Vietnamese workers

Vũ Quang Thọ, head of the Institute for Workers and Trade Unions, tells Lao động (Labour) that both workers and trade unions are ill-equipped to cope with the free flow of labour mandated by the ASEAN Economic Community

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jeudi 5 janvier 2017

Vietnam’s labor union bristles at plan to double overtime limit

Bringing the cap to 600 hours a year will allow employers to exhaust their workers and cut back hiring, it says.

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vendredi 3 juin 2016

Japan looks to Vietnam as China labour costs soar

Japan’s biggest shipping company is investing in a $1.2bn container port expansion in Vietnam in the latest bet on a gravitational shift of manufacturing from China to South East Asia.

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dimanche 17 janvier 2016

Vietnam sees reform opportunities, labour challenges in TPP

After organising communist Vietnam's first peaceful mass strike at a shoe factory, labour activist Hanh was arrested, beaten bloody by police, and jailed for four years.

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vendredi 6 novembre 2015

Labor reform in Vietnam, tied to Pacific Trade Deal, depends on Hanoi’s follow-up

HONG KONG — A pact between Washington and Hanoi to strengthen labor unions in Vietnam could give workers more bargaining power, but the impact will depend on how Vietnam carries out the agreement, longtime Vietnamese government advisers and other specialists said on Thursday.

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vendredi 13 février 2015

Vietnam’s migrant labourers : Going to debt mountain

Broker's billboards outside Tan Lieu, a poor rural community in northern Vietnam, advertise “Labour Export”—jobs abroad.

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mardi 3 février 2015

Vietnam Is becoming the 'New China' with foreign manufacturers

Vietnam may still be communist, but the Southest Asian country is all about business. Helped by low costs and an eager government, Vietnam is taking over China's role as Asia's hotspot for foreign investment in manufacturing.

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samedi 6 décembre 2014

Vietnam’s migrant masses disappearing into shadow economy

Nguyen Van Cuong left his village in northern Vietnam four years ago to work in a Hanoi bicycle factory, keen to join the government-backed manufacturing boom that promised to transform the economy. Now, he’s had enough.

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samedi 31 août 2013

Vietnamese workers finding misfortune abroad

Seeking better pay overseas, many migrants are being ruthlessly exploited, while relevant agencies lack the means to monitor or protect them

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dimanche 25 août 2013

Vietnam's lost children in labyrinth of slave labour

Hanoi - Last year, three teenage boys jumped out of a third-floor window in Ho Chi Minh City and ran as fast as they could until they found help. It was one in the morning and they did not know where they were going.

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vendredi 20 avril 2012

Late payment of social insurance lightly fined

HCM City Social Securities deputy director Do Quang Khanh brings some light to social insurance payment in the southern hub and suggests measures to help cushion the increase in violations within the social insurance domain.

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samedi 21 janvier 2012

Vietnam deputy PM orders better labour policies given soaring strikes

Vietnam deputy prime minister Nguyen Thien Nhan has ordered better labour policies because strikes continue to occur, with 2011 recording twice the number compared to the previous year.

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jeudi 12 janvier 2012

Vietnam reports record number of wildcat strikes

Hanoi - Vietnam reported a record number of wildcat strikes last year because of demands for salary hikes prompted by soaring inflation, authorities said Thursday.

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jeudi 28 juillet 2011

Cheap Labor Competitiveness : no longer an advantage

Vietnam has achieved continuously high growth for almost a decade by relying on natural resources and a cheap labor source. But now, it is losing those advantages.

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mercredi 27 octobre 2010

Vietnam jails labour activists up to nine years

HANOI — Vietnam has jailed for up to nine years three labour activists found guilty of disrupting security, after a trial that lasted less than a day, a court official said.

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mardi 29 septembre 2009

Vietnam's rising labour costs become a double whammy

Vietnam's labour costs are rising, despite the continual economic downturn which has stunted employment across the nation.

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samedi 10 janvier 2009

Vietnam hit by 762 strikes in 2008

Vietnam was hit by a record 762 labour strikes last year, many of them in textile and footwear plants, as workers struggled with costs amid spiralling inflation, a labour union official said Thursday.

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mercredi 7 janvier 2009

Vietnam has over 1m unemployed

The General Statistical Office (GSO) has announced the latest number of unemployed in the country at over one million, Dong Ba Huong, director of the GSO's Population and Labour Statistics Department, told the Daily Saturday.

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mardi 6 janvier 2009

300,000 to lose Job In Vietnam

HANOI - The decrease in Vietnam's growth rate this year could entail a loss of 300,000 jobs or 0.65% of the labour force, according to the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA).

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