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mercredi 22 janvier 2020

In Vietnam, economic success underpins literary boom

Interest in new and traditional writing soars despite rampant consumerism

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jeudi 16 janvier 2020

'Pushing boundaries' : The rise of Samizdat publishing in Vietnam

Liberal Publishing House publishes and distributes books Vietnam's government does not wants its citizens to read.

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mardi 17 septembre 2019

Livre : "Chaos khmer", le jour où Hun Sen a pris le pouvoir au Cambodge

À découvrir ! Comment Hun Sen a pris le pouvoir pour plus de trois décennies sur le Cambodge en 1997. C’est la grande Histoire qui sert de toile de fond à un récit vibrant sur le tourbillon vécu par les Cambodgiens modestes.

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jeudi 1 mars 2018

Vietnam activist in hiding after book interrogation

A high-profile Vietnamese writer says she has gone into hiding after being interrogated about her banned book and placed under de-facto house arrest by plainclothes police, vowing Thursday (Mar 1) to continue pressing for democracy in the one-party state.

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lundi 11 septembre 2017

How the Latin alphabet ended up in Vietnam

Alexandre de Rhodes gets all the credit, but his Portuguese predecessors did the donkey work.

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jeudi 17 août 2017

Saigon book street’s parking lots shut down by Doan Ngoc Hai campaign

Visitors to Saigon’s Book Street are having difficulty finding a legal parking space as both of the venue’s two parking lots have been shut down by Doan Ngoc Hai, leader of Saigon’s ‘sidewalk clearing’ campaign.

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mardi 11 octobre 2016

The Penguin History of Modern Vietnam by Christopher Goscha

This is the finest single-volume history of Vietnam in English. It challenges myths, and raises questions about the socialist republic’s political future

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mardi 2 août 2016

City’s Book Road sees thousands of visitors but recent sales on the decline

HCM City’s cultural authorities’ efforts to promote book reading as a lifelong habit have been successful, drawing a higher number of visitors to recent book exhibitions and fairs in the past six months.

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samedi 14 mars 2015

Vietnam immigrants: War-torn exodus to a landing of grace

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Vietnamese diaspora in Australia and indeed, the title of Cat Thao Nguyen's memoir denotes a sense of reassuring finality, of landing confidently on safe soil but before such moments of grace, the reader is taken on an extraordinary tale of deprivation, torture and death, but also crucially of endurance: what Nguyen calls "the nimble impulses of survival".

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jeudi 12 février 2015

Vietnam releases partially paralyzed blogger on medical parole

HANOI — A Vietnamese blogger who is partially paralyzed and was jailed for posting articles that oppose the Communist Party says he has been released after two months in prison on medical parole.

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mercredi 27 février 2013

Young people who change Vietnam’s art

Below are the people who are bright stars in Vietnam’s sky of art in 2012.

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samedi 17 novembre 2012

Throw the book at copiers, say publishers

Representatives from authorised publishing houses have raised their concerns about the increase in illegally printed books in Viet Nam, which they say are seriously affecting their business and reputation.

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mercredi 3 octobre 2012

Acclaimed vietnamese dissident poet dies in Little Saigon

The poet was a familiar figure, striding through Little Saigon, sipping tea, sharing wisdom. He liked to read through the night, not too tired to dissect a bit of homeland politics.

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mardi 27 mars 2012

Book sales likely to remain poor

The publishing industry is expected to track last year's poor performance with the demand for books unlikely to increase due to tightening consumption policies, experts said at a recent meeting.

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dimanche 5 février 2012

Vietnam's awakening youth circumvent censorship

When student Nguyen Hong Nhung saw "Killer with a Festering Head" on someone's smartphone, she wanted the banned comic book too. Though Vietnam's censors had yanked it from stores, finding a digital copy wasn't exactly hard.

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dimanche 29 janvier 2012

Banned books hot property in censored Vietnam

HANOI — From irreverent cartoons to "depraved" short stories, Vietnam's pop culture is attracting the attention of print censors who experts say are struggling to accept an increasingly brash literary scene.

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mardi 14 septembre 2010

Vietnam publisher struggles to issue Western classics

HANOI — The title of French author Alexis de Tocqueville's seminal work, "Democracy in America", was not well received by authorities in communist Vietnam, so it appeared under another name.

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vendredi 5 février 2010

Vietnam jails dissident writer over attack

A Vietnamese writer and democracy activist has been jailed for three and a half years for attacking two men during a parking dispute in Hanoi.

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vendredi 29 janvier 2010

Vietnam jails democracy activist Pham Thanh Nghien

Dissident writer Pham Thanh Nghien has been jailed for four years in Vietnam after being found guilty of spreading propaganda against the state.

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lundi 12 octobre 2009

Vietnam novelist remains in detention

HANOI — A Vietnamese writer remained in detention Monday, reportedly arrested for assault after trying to attend the trial of six dissidents, a relative said.

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mercredi 23 septembre 2009

Some 9,000 illegal books seized in Vietnam

HANOI - Nearly 9,000 illegally printed books, along with hundreds of zincographs and transparent copies, were found and seized in Hanoi's Huu Duc Printing and Trading Limited Company last weekend by the city police and Market Watch Department, said the Vietnam news agency.

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jeudi 27 août 2009

Most E-Book sharing sites violate copyright In Vietnam

HANOI - Many books including the latest editions are available on the internet forums, without the permission of authors and publishers, according to the Vietnam news agency's report.

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jeudi 29 janvier 2009

Vietnam's new wave of writers turns away from war

HANOI — As communist Vietnam has become more open to the outside world, and less focused on the bitter legacy of war, the country's authors too have moved on, offering readers stories about modern everyday life.

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jeudi 22 janvier 2009

Dissident writer reveals Ho Chi Minh's tragic love secret

PARIS — An incendiary novel by Vietnam's most popular dissident writer takes on the mythical figure of Ho Chi Minh, claiming the "Father of the Nation" had a secret lover half his age - and that she was raped and murdered by his own Communist comrades.

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lundi 17 novembre 2008

A bird that can’t fly

Literary critics say Vietnam’s lack of literary leadership is due to outmoded worldviews and historical problems.

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