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samedi 3 août 2019

Raped, beaten and sold in China: Vietnam's kidnapped young brides

More young girls from Vietnam are ending up in forced marriages in China, where the gender imbalance has created a demand for foreign brides, as Insight discovers.

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lundi 6 août 2018

Vietnam arrests 2 Lao drug traffickers

Border forces of Vietnams central Ha Tinh province have detained two Lao men for smuggling 52 cakes of heroin and 25 kg of crystal methamphetamine into Vietnam, local media reported on Monday.

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dimanche 1 juillet 2018

Vietnam drug bosses killed after two-day police standoff

Two alleged heroin kingpins in Vietnam were killed in a shootout with police following a dramatic days-long standoff at their tunnel hideout in a mountainous northern border zone near Laos, authorities said on Friday.

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dimanche 17 juin 2018

From Vietnam, without love : the child brides of China

In the rural mountains of Vietnam, young girls are disappearing from their homes with increasing regularity. Many turn up across the border, sold as wives for the price of a buffalo

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mardi 29 mai 2018

Vietnam's traffic accidents drop in January-May period

Between January and May, 7,490 traffic accidents occurred in Vietnam, killing 3,476 people, severely injuring 1,988 people and lightly hurting 3,774 others, the country's Traffic Police Department said Tuesday.

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vendredi 15 décembre 2017

Infrastructure speed bump slows Vietnam

Country is growing fast on nearly all economic fronts, but overcrowded roads, ports and airports threaten to throttle the expansion

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vendredi 22 septembre 2017

Bird trade escalating in Vietnam

Việt Nam’s sizeable trade in wild birds is going unchecked and could harm wild populations if not managed, a new study by wildlife trade monitoring network Traffic warns.

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lundi 21 décembre 2015

Vietnam aims to halve traffic death toll by 2020

More than 9,000 lives are lost on the road every year in Vietnam. That is about 25 a day. Authorities want to nearly halve the toll to 5,000 a year by 2020.

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dimanche 7 juin 2015

Cruel trade: the flourishing cat-meat restaurants of north Vietnam

Cats destined for the pot are transported in squalid conditions before a cruel death. With policemen and military officers their most devoted customers, the illegal restaurants appear safe from prosecution, Simon Parry finds

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lundi 23 février 2015

250 die on Vietnam roads during Tet

HANOI — Traffic accidents killed nearly 250 people in the first seven days of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year holiday this year, about 13% more than last year, a government official said Monday.

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mercredi 28 janvier 2015

3 tons of living cats caught on way from China to Vietnamese restaurants

Hanoi police Tuesday seized a truck smuggling more than three tons of cats, all alive, to sell to restaurants in Vietnam.

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dimanche 30 novembre 2014

Vietnam court jails six human traffickers

A court in southern Vietnam gave six people jail terms on Friday after finding them guilty of trafficking 14 local women into China to marry paying bachelors.

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lundi 18 août 2014

Chinese seek brides in Vietnam, paying RM10,000 to RM18,000

Vietnamese bride Nguyen Thi Hang (right) and fellow Vietnamese bride Vu Thi Hong Thuy resting in the shop where Hang works in Weijian village, in China's Henan province. More than 20 Vietnamese brides have found new lives in the poverty-stricken rural township, the beneficiaries and sometimes victims of a trade serving farmers who cannot attract local partners in the face of a huge gender imbalance.

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mardi 18 février 2014

In Vietnam, proposed on-the-street traffic fines spark corruption fears

he Ministry of Public Security wants traffic police to collect fines on the street but experts say it will worsen corruption

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mercredi 27 novembre 2013

Vietnam ministry seeks gov’t approval to limit personal vehicles

The Ministry of Transport has sought the government’s approval to limit the flow of personal vehicles to reduce traffic congestion in some big cities since next year.

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mardi 8 octobre 2013

Vietnam fails to stop slaughter of bears

Vietnam authorities have been powerless to stop bear farmers from slaughtering the animals illegally to sell for meat amid plunging prices for their bile, officials acknowledged on Monday.

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mercredi 30 janvier 2013

Vietnamese drug trafficker gets death

Yesterday the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Court sentenced a 35-year-old man to death for trafficking 7.3 kilograms of heroin from Cambodia to Vietnam.

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samedi 20 octobre 2012

Vietnam snubs SA on key rhino poaching agreement

Vietnam has failed to sign a law-enforcement and biodiversity agreement with South Africa aimed at curbing escalating levels of rhino poaching.

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dimanche 7 octobre 2012

Vietnam bank tycoon says his rhino horn legally imported

A bank tycoon in the news after a local newspaper reported an expensive rhino horn was stolen from his residence told Thanh Nien Thursday he had papers to prove the legality of the horn.

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mercredi 19 septembre 2012

Vietnam to charge 23 for drug trafficking, including two officials

Ministry of Public Security police have asked the country’s highest prosecutors' office to charge 23 people, including two former government officials, with trafficking over 333 kilograms of heroin, VnExpress reported Tuesday.

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mardi 4 septembre 2012

Vietnam police rescue tiger cubs, pangolins

HANOI — Vietnamese police on Tuesday seized four tiger cubs and more than 100 endangered pangolins from suspected wildlife smugglers, the authorities said.

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lundi 27 août 2012

Vietnam denies being main Rhino horn market

The latest report by international wildlife trade monitoring network Traffic has claimed the record-high rhino poaching in South Africa is being fed by a surging demand from Vietnam, identifying the country as the main market for rhino horn.

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lundi 15 août 2011

La police thaïlandaise sauve un millier de chiens promis à la casserole

Les autorités thaïlandaises ont sauvé de la casserole plus de mille chiens, enfermés dans de très petites cages et qui devaient être exportés au Vietnam pour y être cuisinés et mangés, ont annoncé samedi des responsables.

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jeudi 24 février 2011

Hanoi to spend $10b on traffic system

Hanoi plans to invest $10 billion in upgrading its traffic infrastructure and facilities, widening roads and enlarging intersections to reduce prevalent traffic gridlock and congestion in the city, said the Department of Traffic and Transport.

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vendredi 31 décembre 2010

Traffic accidents kill more than 11,000 Vietnamese in 2010

The number of fatal traffic accidents in Vietnam held steady in 2010, despite government measures to raise awareness, authorities said Friday.

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mardi 16 novembre 2010

Vietnam police detains man who intended to sell tiger carcass for tens of thousands of dollars

HANOI — State media say police in Hanoi have detained a man for transporting the carcass of a wild tiger.

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vendredi 21 mai 2010

Vietnam launches war on deadly traffic

Beep! Beep! A motorcyclist without a helmet snakes through a crush of oncoming traffic — going the wrong way on a one-way street while texting with one hand on the phone, the other on the throttle.

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jeudi 6 mai 2010

Smuggled elephant tusks seized in Vietnam

Hanoi - Vietnamese customs inspectors have discovered over 2 tons of elephant tusks hidden in two shipping containers of dried seaweed from Kenya, an official said Thursday.

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vendredi 9 avril 2010

Vietnam : pedestrians to be fined for traffic violations

HANOI - Effective May 20 this year, pedestrians who violate traffic laws in Vietnam, will face fines of up to 120,000 VND (US$6.3), according to the Head of the Transport Ministry's Traffic Safety Department Nguyen Van Thuan on Friday.

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samedi 9 janvier 2010

Vietnam police say pirated discs seized

Police in Vietnam's southern commercial capital HCM City have seized hundreds of thousands of pirated movie and other discs, an officer said Thursday.

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