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mercredi 29 mai 2019

Vietnam man jailed for plotting terror attack

A Vietnamese man has been sentenced to six years in jail for terrorism and weapons possession after he was convicted for smuggling a cache of guns into the country from Cambodia, a court official said Tuesday.

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mardi 18 septembre 2018

Vietnam looks to Russia as it strikes US$1 billion weapons deal

Vietnam has been one of the world’s most active arms importers over recent years, amid China’s increasingly aggressive territorial claims in the South China Sea

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samedi 4 juin 2016

India to overlook Chinese objections, sell BrahMos missiles to Vietnam

The Modi government has cleared sale of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile to Vietnam.

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vendredi 3 juin 2016

Why Vietnam wants US weapons

As US President Barack Obama announced the lifting of the decades-long embargo on sales of lethal weapons to Vietnam, he seemed at pains to explain the decision "was not based on China or any other considerations".

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samedi 31 octobre 2015

Vietnam buys Israeli-made air defense missile system, radar

Vietnam has ordered an Israeli-made air defense missile system to enhance its air defense capacity, a senior military official said on the portal of the Vietnam People's Army last week.

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dimanche 7 juin 2015

Vietnam eyes western warplanes to counter China

Vietnam is in talks with European and US contractors to buy fighter jets, maritime patrol planes and unarmed drones, sources said, as it looks to beef up its aerial defenses in the face of China's growing assertiveness in disputed waters.

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samedi 28 mars 2015

Vietnam wants full lifting of US arms embargo

WASHINGTON — Vietnam wants the U.S. to lift fully an embargo on arms sales that was eased last year, but Washington is calling for more progress by the communist-governed nation on improving human rights, their respective ambassadors said Tuesday.

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jeudi 8 décembre 2011

100,000 killed, hurt by abandoned weapons, Vietnam says

More than 100,000 Vietnamese have been killed or injured by land mines or other abandoned explosives since the Vietnam War ended nearly 40 years ago, and clearing all of the country will take decades more, officials said Monday.

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jeudi 17 décembre 2009

Vietnam aims to counter China with sub deal

HANOI — Vietnam's major arms deal with Russia, reported to involve the purchase of six submarines, aims to bolster claims against China over potentially resource-rich islands in the South China Sea, analysts say.

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